Three Healthy Habits I Cultivate

My relationship with health and fitness can be summed up in one word – inconsistent. Ha! But I imagine, that’s how it is with most people. I got through phases of being incredibly healthy conscious and then something happens, usually work or getting sick, and I’m thrown off my routine. It takes a dose of frustration to get me back on track, and the cycle starts over.

But there are three things that I do fairly regularly to ensure I stay healthy-ish.

  1. Balance nutrition with exercise. If I’m not exercising regularly, I try to eat particularly well to counterbalance the lack of movement. Alternatively, when I am working out, I don’t eat horribly but I do give myself a bit more liberty simply because my body needs more fuel and that fuel should be delicious.
  2. Take mental time outs. Whether it’s meditating, taking long baths, cross stitching, or even just a quiet moment outside, I prioritize taking mental time outs to give my brain to breath. A lot of what I do for living is thinking and so hitting the pause (and mute) button is essential to keeping me in a good place.
  3. Reducing social media time. I’m getting much better at not immediately navigating to a social media app when I pick up my phone and honoring the time limits I’ve set in place. Because social media is an extension of marketing for my business, I do need to use it daily, but I do so purposefully and on a strict time allowance so I don’t fall into mindless scrolling.

I put a lot of emphasis on keeping myself healthy, both mentally and physically, so there are probably a few more habits that I could include like reading and reducing my soda consumption. But the above are definitely the three that are top of mind throughout every day.

What habits do you cultivate? What do you wish you did more of or better for your overall health?

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