Unique – Quite the Quandary

What makes you unique?

I’ve always had difficulty answering this question. I think it comes from crippling humbleness and lack of reflection on my own traits. Interestingly, I just pinned this down for my business (which is vital for brand story) but still struggle with it from a personal perspective.

What makes me unique?

I almost feel a pressure to say something quirky or profound. I’m also acutely aware that “unique” implies that it makes me one of a kind. In an attempt to truly honor the word, I feel the need to pull out a deeply complicated analysis of myself to be truly “unique” (eg “That’s the first time a quarterback named Joe has thrown a touchdown on a Sunday in October while it was raining and the team was down by 14 – oh, please!)

What makes me unique?

The best answer that comes to mind is that in everything I do, everything I learn, I’m driven by the desire to make a life easier. Whether it be mine, family or friends’, a client’s, a stranger’s, not only would I never want to be reason their life is more difficult, I want to be a part of making it easier. This comes out in many ways – prioritizing my health, building systems for my clients, planning events for my friends and family, researching other people’s experiences so I can make more empathetic decisions, voting to give people more rights (not less). I create ease. That’s the goal, that’s the why, and I think that makes me unique.

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