Gettin’ Better Everyday

What areas of personal improvement are you currently working on?

Such a well-timed question. At the moment, I’m working on how to keep myself from overcommitting, both to other people and to myself.

I’ve noticed that my issue is not the inability to say ‘no’ but rather, an issue with not allowing myself to downshift or enjoy lower-capacity phases. If things get slow, I either panic because I’m worried no work is ever going to come again (yes, I know, this is ridiculous) or I get bored. In both scenarios, I start reaching out to people or looking into what activities I can load into my schedule.

I sometimes wonder if I’m addicted to the feeling of being needed, or stress, or being in survival mode. Whatever it is… I’m working to break the cycle. Or at least get to a point where I’m not cycling through it so often.

Because on the other end of it, I’m frantically trying to play Tetris with my schedule and energy to cram everything in. I’d love to get to a point where I’m leaving space to breath, think, and relax (a novelty, I know.)

What are you currently focusing on? I’d love to hear about your journey below.

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