Easy, Beautiful Embroidery Decor with Wood Board and Yarn

I happened upon this project while cruising aisles I didn’t need to be in at Target. Don’t judge – you know you’ve been guilty of it too. Recently, Target has really amped up their crafting game and I absolutely adore the products they carry. Clean, beautiful and modern. Of course, I had to pick up some products and give them a shot.

This is a quick and easy project to do for yourself or as a gift for someone else. All you need are three items and you’re ready to design a personalized piece of home decor.

You will also need a yarn needle {large plastic needle, super cheap}.

1. Figure out what you want to do! I decided to freestyle my design using four colors of yarn and created a variegated dark-to-light design. The colors reminded me of the ocean and how the colors get darker the deeper you go. So I stitched an abstract sideview of the ocean and sang “Fathoms Below” from The Little Mermaid almost the entire time.
But I digress. If this isn’t your style, you can find plenty of embroidery inspiration on the internet. A good place to start is Pinterest, shameless plug: my board {XStitches} is loaded with modern and pop culture designs.



2. Time to get started. Cut your thread to length, thread that needle and let’s get stitching!

I did a basic cross stitch. If you’re unfamiliar, again, the internet is your best friend. There are tons of videos on YouTube with instructions.

For extra security on my thread beginning, I chose to tape the end of my first strand to the board. This is not necessary but I find relieves a ton of frustration for me.






… and basically that’s it. There’s not even a step 3 for this project. How easy is that?!



For your listen pleasure…

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