Portable Cross Stitch Storage

It’s no secret that my favorite craft is cross stitching, which means I am constantly pulling out my supplies and putting them away. When I first started out, I kept all of my supplies in a sewing kit. Then it grew to a new home in a basket. But suddenly I had a mass of thread holders and fabric that was crowding my projects in the basket.
The idea for what I affectionately call my Cross Stitch Closet came from necessity. I moved into a temporary living situation where 90% of my belongings were going into storage so craft supplies needed to be selected carefully and stored efficiently.
It all started with a piece of luggage.

I have this carry-on rolling case that has {obviously} seen better days. The wheels don’t work that well anymore and the outside is quite… quite dirty. However, being part of a set, I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. Thank goodness I didn’t. Turns out, it’s the best solution to store all of my cross stitching supplies!
In the outside pockets, I store my embroidery hoops and patterns I’m currently working on. Inside, everything else I could possibly need.


The body of a carry-on case is the perfect size to stack thread holding containers. Amazingly enough, this case is just tall enough to perfectly hold standard size aida rolls.
For all of my needles, scissors and other embroidery accessories, I use a simple plastic storage bin.
My Cross Stitch Closet has been the ideal solution for storing and accessing my supplies. When I want to stitch, I simply roll out my luggage to wherever I will be working and unpack what I need. No running around from bin to basket to collect everything I need. When done, just repack and zip up! How easy is that?!


I would love to know…

How do you store your craft supplies?

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