Will You Be My Bridesmaid / Groomsman Gifts

When the future husband and I got engaged, we didn’t have a solid vision about our wedding. We knew it would be in San Diego, but details beyond that had never really be discussed. What we did know for certain was who would be in our bridal party.

With our list in hand, we set off to create “Ask Gifts” that could be mailed. One would make its way to Kansas. Another to Hawaii. Three to Arizona and one stayed in-state to California. Unfortunately, this ruled out really fun things like beers and mini champagne bottles… but we made it work.

We wanted to send something festive but useful without breaking the bank.

For both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, we got unfinished wood boxes and gift bag filler at Michaels. We stained and painted the boxes to match our wedding colors and added a little extra fun with teal confetti made from hole punching scrapbook paper. The tags and ribbon attached were also purchased from Michaels.

For the groomsmen, we bought cigars and cigar cutters from BevMo. We stumbled upon the Avengers Assemble magic towels at the dollar store and my superhero-loving fiancee could not pass them up!

For the bridesmaids, we found these adorable hair ties on Etsy by Sweet Repose Boutique. They come a huge variety of colors and styles too – check them out! The girls loved having something special for the day and I even got some bride ones for myself!

How did you ask your team to assemble for your big day? Or what’s the best gift you’ve ever seen?

I love seeing what other brides and grooms put together. Share away!

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