Will You Be Our Officiant Gift

Increasingly, brides and grooms are asking friends and family to perform their marriage ceremonies. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been to a wedding in the past five years where the officiant wasn’t somehow personally connected to the couple. My fiance and I are no exception.

Making the decision about our officiant was surprisingly easy. We have a close family friend who has not only been a wonderful positive influence in our lives but is an excellent role model to everyone around him. The decision was simple. All we needed to figure out was how to best ask him. Not so simple.

After considering a few different ideas, we found our spark of inspiration while walking through Michaels. In the scrapbooking aisle, we found craft exploding boxes. {Not real explosions.} Exploding boxes are typically made out of cardboard, cardstock, or another structured material. Built like a gift box, when the lid is removed, the four sides fall down to present whatever is inside. We thought this was so cool!

We grabbed some wedding stickers and paper that matches our colors. The stickers provided the perfect opportunity for a narrative. It took some creative sticker placement and thoughtful wordsmithing, but we were super happy with the result.

So was our officiant! After receiving the box in the mail, we got an enthusiastic ‘yes!’

Check it out!

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