Pumpkin Carving 2016


Ah – that glorious time of year, when pumpkins are just begging to be turned into frightfully fun jack-0-lanterns. I absolutely love pumpkin carving. Aside from seeing everyone’s ridiculously creative costumes, this is my favorite part of the season.

The theme for this year was easy – Halloween couples. With my upcoming nuptials, I had to do it. As I thought through the traditional couples, none of them quite inspired me as much as Victor and The Corpse Bride.

The Corpse Bride is one of Tim Burton’s lesser celebrated films, though a classic in its own right. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I highly recommend it. It’s available on Netflix or you can purchase it here on Amazon.


This was my first year carving with my fiance, who seemed reasonably impressed by both my enthusiasm for it and my actual Pumpkin Carving Tool Box. (Looking to build your own? Check out the must-have’s here.) We set up our space and it was off to the races!

I use patterns from Zombie Pumpkins and have for years. Love them! Every pattern comes with a difficulty rating, which make it easy to identify the best pattern for your skill set. If you have never used a pumpkin carving template or would like to see it done, see my tutorial here.

Victor was easy to do it. He just had a few pieces that were small and hard to navigate. The Corpse Bride, on the other hand, made me super nervous. Her tendrils of hair were close together, leaving very skinny pieces to depend on. In the end, she turned out just fine!


My fiance’s pumpkin turned out great too! He was really nervous to use a pattern and do an actual design, but he did GREAT! He did Haunter from Pokemon and I love how creepy he looks.


Check out my pumpkin carvings from past Halloween’s in my Pumpkin Carving Gallery.

Hope all of your pumpkins turned out gourd-geous!

Happy Halloween!


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  1. I love the Corpse Bride! I don’t know why this movie doesn’t get the kind of love it deserves! Both your pumpkins turned out amazing!

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