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In planning our wedding, we wanted our details to be simple and classic. Lots of glass and candles. Very few flowers and white roses, at that. Clean, simple, classic.

I wanted the card “box” to fall in step with the aesthetic we were putting together. Buying or creating a box didn’t quite feel right. Nor did a birdcage or a lantern. In fact, it took us weeks of brainstorming to land on, what seems now to be, a very obvious selection.

Let’s just use a vase.

As you can imagine, there was extensive discussion around what kind of vase. A large apothecary jar? A square vase? The options are truly endless. We settled on this tall cylindrical vase from Michaels. At 2.5 feet tall, it was tall enough to make a statement and hold a wedding’s worth of cards.

I used my Cricut to cut out the “CARDS” letters from gold vinyl. A great work around for this is scrapbooking stickers. Most hobby stores carry large enough stickers to achieve a similar effect. You can find the exact vinyl I used by clicking here.

When adhering either vinyl or stickers to glass, be sure to clean the glass with rubbing alcohol or Windex. Wipe away any lingering lint with a microfiber cloth to ensure your surface is as clean as possible. Even the slightest stray piece of lint can uplift your design.

I was so happy with the way this vase turned out. Plus it was so simple to make! For less than $25.00 we had our simple, elegant card “box”.

What did you use to hold cards at your wedding?

I love hearing the creative alternatives to traditional options.


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