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In January, we got married in a venue that required us to provide everything, except tables and chairs. In booking our caterer, we had the option of having the company stock the bar or providing our own alcohol. Given the venue’s liquor license limited the type of beverages we could serve (wine and beer), we opted to stock our own beverages. Who wouldn’t want the leftover wine?!

Our guests were, for the most part, from out of town so we decided to play up the “We’re from California” aspect. We stocked the bar with wines from California and craft beers native to San Diego. A little local flavor to delight the crowds.

Self-stocking the bar and straying off the normal course of selection meant we needed to provide some guidance to our guests. Thus, we dreamed up these signs for the bar. In theory, they were awesome! In execution… oof.

Of course, I started with my Cricut. I used the Cricut Design Space software to put together our design. Place an item there, place some text here, make sure all the cuts are together on the same color. Bing-bang-boom! Easy enough. This software is honestly incredibly easy to use!


Aw, see! Coming together nicely! Isn’t it fun when projects come together so easily?

Right… about that…


This is the nightmare of using a Cricut to do bulk pieces of text. Imagine me crouched over my coffee table, carefully lifting up the negative pieces of each letter with this…dental tool, trying not to flick them into my eyes or hair. (Sadly, this did happen.) It was very uncomfortable, slightly frustrating and kind of painful. Thankfully, the result is worth it. Straight, evenly-spaced lines of texts.


After a fresh coat of matte finish Mod Podge, these signs were ready to go!

Didn’t they make a nice edition to the bar?


We also added a few other decorations to our bar area. Custom napkins from The Knot, flowers, champagne bottle centerpieces (tutorial on those coming soon!) And of course, lots and lots of candles.


And as an extra treat, check out this view!


I could have stood on this patio for days. So gorgeous!

For the record, we did have a few bottles of wine leftover. I’m still shamelessly enjoying them! Cheers!


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