Our Wedding :: Escort Cards


Call them what you want… escort cards… seating cards…place cards. All the same, helping guests find their seats has become one of those most creative design choices at weddings today. Gone are the days of simple place cards and table maps. Today, we see everything from elaborate displays of photos to clever, theme-related tokens of the day. I have seen some really inspiring solutions both in person and online.

However, for our wedding, we went for a simple DIY solution that was personalized but didn’t break the bank on budget.


My husband and I are both proud champagne drinkers. It’s fun, it’s bubbly and of course, it’s delicious! Champagne inspiration kept popping up all over our wedding from our centerpieces to the blue champagne we found to serve at our bar. Even my dress color was “champagne”.

When it came time to decide on escort cards, we wanted simple and classic… and champagne corks. While not the most original idea in the world (have you seen all those wine cork place card holders?!), we thought the idea was cute and nice way to bring the champagne element all the way through the day.

We ordered our champagne corks off Etsy for $20 because I was not willing to sacrifice the corks I had worked very hard for! I’m kidding! Truthfully, it was easiest to buy the corks in bulk. Hank put in some quality time with the Dremel cutting slits into the top of the corks to hold little cards we bought at Michaels.

Here’s a little secret. The cards we used were actually gift tags but we cut off the end with the hole for the ribbon. Easy peasy!


I had all these plans to learn to hand letter or use my Cricut to do fancy writing on the place cards, but the Path of Least Frustration won and I went with handwriting. This worked out really well when seating changes arose the day-of. I actually had to update table assignment for two families on-site on our wedding day.


The gold polka dot cards paired with the champagne corks really tied our day together! Plus the dots look like champagne bubbles! Hopefully they helped everyone find their way easily too.

Even better, we have leftover corks that we saved for future dinner party placecards. So budget friendly!

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