Pregnancy – Week 30

Week… 30

Baby is the size of… a Butternut Squash

Highlight of the Week… Our beautiful, fun Baby on Board Baby Shower! I’m not a huge fan of showers, but our friends found the perfect balance of celebrating our coming baby and keeping it low-stress. Everything from the decorations, to the food, to the company was perfectly on-point.

An unexpected feeling fell over our house after the shower. We had the bones of baby needs, specifically the furniture, and suddenly we had all the stuff. The day after we were starting to unpack the gifts and find their new homes when we realized… this stuff isn’t going away. Haha. I know this seems obvious but when you’re on the backend of most of your friends having kids it’s strange that all the baby stuff in your home isn’t going to leave when your friends do. Also, shifting our mindset from placing the baby stuff in a box or drawer until “someday” to finding its permanent functional home was strange too. All good… just strange.

Frustration of the Week… My poor swollen feet! I seemed to cross a threshold late last week that invited swelling feet and ankles into my life. I had a bad bout of it a few weeks ago when I was in Dublin, reasonably because I was on my feet all the time. But now, the swelling comes and goes as it damn well pleases. I even woke up with swollen feet the other day! I’m doing my best to stay off my feet, elevate them when I can, drinking plenty of water, and paying careful attention to my diet. At this point, it still kind of funny and not painful, so that’s a bonus!

Eating a lot of… Cantaloupe and watermelon, which makes for fun jokes! We had a ton of fruit leftover from the baby shower and I volunteered myself to not be wasteful and consume as much as I can!

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… There’s just something about watching your husband set up baby furniture and fold baby clothes for the first time that pulls at your heartstrings.

A Tidbit… I started my chiropractic treatment this week, and it has completely changed the way my pregnancy feels. The doctor explained to me that since I went into my pregnancy with a posterior pelvic tilt my pregnancy is exponentially more painful as my spine adopts the normal curvature necessary to carry the baby. This explains why I was in such significant pain. Thankfully, light hip traction work, stretching, and gentle adjustments have alleviated much of the pain. I’m on a care plan to prevent additional pain until birth and have stretches I can do at home. So happy to have a solution that works for me!

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