Pregnancy – Week 16

Week… 16

Baby is the size of… Avocado

Highlight of the Week… Finally feeling well enough to do light workouts, which has helped with sleeping through most of the night. But man… it’s been a while since I’ve done squats! So much soreness!

Frustration of the Week… Nothing this week. I worked from home so I was able to adjust my schedule and be comfortable as needed.

Eating a lot of… Eggs, fruit, and gummy bears. My sweet tooth came back! I’ve been going back and forth between sour and sweet.

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… Hubs started cuddling with my belly in the morning. Sweet daddy and baby time as we prepare for the day.

A Tidbit… We have a bunch of cross stitches we want to do for nursery decorations. I started on the largest one this week and it’s coming along so fast! Catch updates along the way on Instagram!

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