7 Workplace Must-Haves

Who has the Sunday Scaries setting in?! The anxiety of the coming work week is likely infringing upon the joy of your weekend, but you must resist! Soak up the last bit of the weekend while you still can.

Contradictory… today, I’m sharing my seven workplace must-haves. Most of my employment life has been spent at a desk with my face glued to a computer screen, which is less than awesome. However, I’ve found a few items make this life enjoyable and comfortable. Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Desk Organizational Accessories : These are obvious but also a must. If your monitor needs to be higher, buy a monitor stand. If you need to organize your pens, post-its, paperclips, etc, get an organizer. But most importantly – buy them yourself! Most workplaces will provide these items through an ergonomic or office supplies budget, but unless you’re fully in charge of approving and ordering the items, you’ll be saddled with materials that may not work for you. And when/if you change jobs, you can take your comfort tools with you and avoid the process at your new place.
  2. First Aid Kit : Too often, I need a band-aid and I can’t find one. Usually, I need one because new shoes have declared war on my foot or I’ve done something stupid with a sharp object. So, in an effort to be my own superhero and minimize the number of times I look like a clumsy dork, I keep a first aid kit in my desk drawer. You can make your own complete with band-aids, ointment, tape, etc. Or you can buy an inexpensive one on Amazon like this one (this is the actual kit I keep in my desk.)
  3. Decorations : Minimal decorations. Please don’t be the person whose workplace is overflowing with personal items. Please don’t. However, you should have a few items within view that bring a smile to your face. I keep two framed pictures, a cute piece of artwork from my niece, and a small gift my husband sent me on one of his deployments. I like to keep reminders of why I work so hard and that my life is so much more than what I do at my desk every day.
  4. Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Wipes : Let’s face it. People are gross. And for some reason, people still believe it’s a badge of honor to come into the office while sick. In addition to washing your hands, you can protect yourself by having hand sanitizer and wipes readily available. Get hand sanitizer with a pump like this one so you minimize the amount of bottle you touch with germy hands. For antibacterial wipes, for the love of all that is holy, get wipes that are relatively unscented like Lysol Daily Cleansing Wipes. You can stay healthy without overwhelming your office with the powerful tang of orange or lemon scented alcohol.
  5. Phone Charger : Save yourself some sanity – get a phone charger that you keep at your desk. I still see people carting their phone chargers back and forth from home in their bags. Don’t be silly. Buy a charger and keep it at your desk. If you’re afraid of someone stealing it, lock it away, but don’t be silly enough take up brain space remembering your charger every day.
  6. Reusable Water Bottle and Cup : Treat the earth right by steering clear of disposable cups and bottles. One small investment on your part will save hundreds of pounds of waste. For a water bottle, I highly recommend a Hydro Flask. You may be thinking, “Those are pricey!” But hear me out. They are incredibly durable. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped mine without a scratch or dent to speak of. They also keep your beverages chilly without producing condensation on the outside! I once kept my Hydro Flask in my car on a 100*+ day for 6 hours and it was still full of ice when I returned. This is a miracle by all definitions!
  7. Personal Care Items : Are there items you utilize or need on a regular basis? Hand lotion? Lint roller? Stain remover pen? Advil? Buy travel size versions of these and keep them in your desk. Also – do us all a favor. Hand lotion should be unscented. No one needs to smell your scent of the month and people are sensitive to different smells. Be a good citizen. Leave the smelly stuff at home.

What do you absolutely, positively have to have with you at work? I’d love to hear it!

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