Fourth of July 1776 Sign

The time of year to celebrate the birth of our nation is upon us, and I could not be more excited! My history nerd heart beats so loudly for this patriotic holiday. Years ago, I created this 1776 wood sign to bring a little sparkle to my decorations and it’s still one of my favorites.

This project is great for beginners and kids (with supervision). Give it a try!


Wood Board

Wood Numbers


Glitter Glue

Hot Glue

Painters or Masking Tape

Sand Paper

Paint Brushes


Prep all wood pieces by sanding them first.  This will ensure clean pieces and help the paint sink in evenly.

Paint wood board white and numbers blue. Lay aside to dry.

When board is dry, mark measurements on board to lay stripes.  Lay out tape and ensure it is completely flat with no bubbles, especially along the edges.

Paint in red stripes. Allow to dry.

While board is drying, use glitter glue to add to sparkle to your numbers.  I found the best technique for me was outlining the number, filling with a giant squiggle and using a cheap paint brush to move the glitter glue around to fully fill in the letter.  This gave me a little more control and saved me the trouble of making mistakes.  Set aside to fully dry.

Now, back to the board.  Make sure paint is completely dry.  Gently lift tape, pulling directly up.  Once all tape is removed, touch up your edges.

When all of your pieces are completely dry, use hot glue to attach numbers to your board.

Happy Independence Day!

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