Presidential Silhouette Decorations

I ask you… who doesn’t need silhouettes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson hanging on their walls? This Independence Day, you can create custom patriotic decor to show your love for the Founding Fathers and American pride. With only a handful of supplies, these silhouettes quickly come to life! Best yet – you don’t need any special equipment – just a printer. Keep reading to get all the details.

(2) 8″x10″ Canvases
Blue Spray Paint
Full Sheet Labels (Avery 5353)
(2) 8″x10″ Frames
Hot Glue
3M Hanging Hooks
Optional: White Paint and Paint Brush


Print silhouettes onto full label sheet.  The images are 7.75″x5.25″.

Cut out silhouettes from full sheet and adhere to canvas. To ensure full attachment, flip canvas over and push on label from backside.

Shortcut: If you have a cutting machine, you likely have access to a silhouette graphic. Skip the whole printing step and cut out directly from full sheet label paper.

Spray paint over silhouettes.  Be sure to spray straight down – not at a side angle.  The label may start to lift from absorbing the paint and spraying straight down will preserve the silhouette’s shape.

Allow canvas to fully dry and lift off label.

**Optional: If your silhouette doesn’t have clean edges, use white paint {plus a steady hand and patience} to clean up edges and fill in silhouette.  If you do this, you must fill in the entire silhouette to create a clean image.

Press into 8″x10″ frames.  I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  I just removed the glass and backboard to give me an empty frame.  It was easy just to pop my canvases into the back – no glue or adhesives required.

Decorate with embellishments.  I used a wood star, felt star sticker and red ribbon.

Display proudly on your wall!  I used 3M Hanging hooks – the open canvas back makes hanging a snap!


Get the Printable

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Silhouettes


Lawrence Made President Silhouettes

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