Pregnancy – Week 31

Week… 31

Baby is the size of… a Coconut

Highlight of the Week… This week, I had a particularly impactful appointment with my doctor. My doctor is laidback, incredibly honest, and always uses just the right amount of humor in dealing with me. For this appointment, we had a very candid conversation about my feelings about pregnancy and the physical struggles I’ve been going through. She made adjustments to my treatment, which have already been helpful, but even more importantly, gave me a pep talk that I’ve been in need of. I’m telling you… a great doctor makes all the difference.

Frustration of the Week… Figuring out all the forms and requests I need to submit between my insurance company and my work to take time off for maternity leave. We’re about seven weeks away from my planned leave and navigating the multiple submission needs is a bit of a pain. I think I got it all figured out though… I think. Haha.

Eating a lot of… Salads. Salads have always been my food of the summer and that’s no different pregnant. So refreshing during this hot time of year. (It’s been 110*F all week with no end in sight!)

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… This should be retitled “the ways my husband is incredibly legit.” The past week has been particularly painful for my body and frustrating emotionally. Rather than trying to fix everything, my husband has adopted two amazing phrases. One: “What can I do to help you?” and two: “Can you explain to me how that feels?” The second question has been particularly meaningful this week because pregnancy can feel very isolating, especially as my body constantly changes. To have my partner strive to empathize with me and help in every way he possibly can is the best gift I could be given right now.

A Tidbit… I’ve discovered that when my feet are swollen they look like Skipper doll feet instead of Barbie feet. And that makes me giggle uncontrollably.

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