Independence Day Wreath

Talk about a blast from the past! This Independence Day wreath was the second project blog post I’ve ever written (originally posted on The Creative Cubby) and gave me the bug for sharing my creations with family and friends. Even more importantly, this wreath still gets hung with pride very Independence Day! Hopefully, it will bring as much inspiration and joy to your home as it does to mine. Enjoy!


Approximate Time: 2 hours

12-inch white styrofoam floral wreath
6 sheets of White Felt
6 sheets of Red Felt
4 sheets of Blue Felt
White Felt Stars
Tacky Glue
Wood Skewer (the cooking kind)
Ribbon (if you’d like to hang it by the ribbon… I didn’t)


1. Cut all sheets of felt into 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares.  You will have some felt left over – KEEP IT!  You’ll need it.  Just put it to the side for the time being.

2.  Take a blue felt square and wrap it around the flat tip of a wooden skewer.  Add a small drop of Tacky Glue to the tip.  This will help adhere the felt to the wreath. 

3.  Starting in the middle of the wreath, begin inserting felt squares.  Use gentle pressure.  For spacing purposes, I inserted felt a half an inch apart. 

4.  Do you have some gaps?  Cut your leftover felt scraps into squares and insert at your pleasure. 

5.  Using the same spacing method from Step 3, insert red and white felt squares.  My stripes were 2 squares wide to make 11 stripes.  If you would like a fuller look, do your stripes 3 squares wide to make 9 stripes.

6.  Fill in your entire wreath to your heart’s content.  Using all of your squares and using scraps, you can pack the wreath to be quite full.

7.  Adhere stars to finish off your patriotic flare!

Hang and Enjoy!


I used Mod Podge (Matte) to seal the back of my wreath to avoid shedding.  You can also adhere felt or fabric. 

If you would like a fuller but less packed look to your wreath, cut your felt squares into 3 x 3 inches.  This will give you a bit more wave.

Happy Independence Day!

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