7 Facts about the American Revolution

Happy Sunday! One of my favorite holidays is this week, and I can’t help dive into my nerdy history trivia. I studied the American Revolution in college and have continued to absorb as much as I can about it, carefully teetering between love affair and obsession. Did you see my Fourth of July mantel? All those books? That’s not even half of the books I have on the subject. So much to learn! I love it!

Below are seven of my favorite facts about the American Revolution for you to casually drop to your friends and family while celebrating this week.

  1. George Washington received exactly $0 for his service as Commander in Chief of the Army. Instead, he had minimal expenses directly reimbursed by the government. Source
  2. Even during war times, pets mattered. Washington found a dog sniffing around camp whose tags identified him belonging to the British General William Howe. Washington insisted the dog be returned to Howe “with his compliments.” Source
  3. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were the ultimate frenemies. Being fellow patriots and friends, they often butted heads on policy. They both died on July 4, 1826, just five hours apart – on the 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Source and a great read!
  4. George Washington had a really legit network of spies that included many slaves and women. If you aren’t watching AMC’s Turn, you’re really missing out. Source
  5. Benjamin Franklin’s son stayed loyal to Britain through his entire lifetime. He was even a governor and general. Source
  6. Native American largely supported the British in fear of American westward expansion. Turns out, their fears were justified. Source
  7. The last signature on the Declaration of Independence was Matthew Thornton of New Hampshire… on November 4, 1776. Source

Interesting, right?! Share your new knowledge with everyone!

Have a safe and festive holiday!

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