Pregnancy – Week 32

Week… 32

Baby is the size of… a head of Lettuce

Highlight of the Week… Completing our birth prep class. Sounds strange for that to be a highlight but hear me out. Not only was our class informative, it was also entertaining and laid back. The instructor did an awesome job of talking us through the material we really needed to know and left plenty of time for questions and discussions. While it was a long day (6 hours), we also got in our hospital tour. Overall, we feel prepared for when baby decides it’s their birthday, and we are now looking forward to it rather than worrying about it. We’re ready. We got this.

Frustration of the Week… Damn Arizona weather. Not only is it hot as hell, the pre-monsoon dust storms are blowing through. The combination of air pressure change, wind, and all around nastiness has made this week a bit of a struggle.

Eating a lot of… Fried egg sandwiches and fruit. Not together! I’m not that weird.

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… This week, hubs continued to be an all-star player. From putting together all the baby equipment to keeping me giggling through the birth prep class, he’s been absolutely amazing. Oh, and also dealing with my sleep struggles because of my allergies/sinuses/whatever.

A Tidbit… I’m still doing poorly at slowing down for my body, but I’m getting better! Just stubborn. Walking takes more effort and therefore, I’m slower. I’ve made improvements in standing up slowly, instead of popping up like Tigger though. So that’s good too!

Bonus… being silly on Fourth of July. 

“From this angle, you almost don’t look pregnant.”


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