7 Current Goals

Happy Sunday! The past few weeks, I’ve been working hard to get my life in order (as much as I can) before baby makes their appearance. As I jokingly tell my friends, we’re in the danger zone now and who knows what twists and turns the rest of my pregnancy will take. Hopefully, very few unexpected events are ahead of me, but hey! You never know. Right now, at eight months pregnant with this Arizona heat, bed rest sounds AWESOME. Haha. Anyway, as a result, I’ve been a busy bee trying to knock things off my to-do list and getting my ducks in a row. Here’s what I have on my mind…

  1. Finish Baby Lawrence Set-Up: We are almost fully set up for baby’s arrival. We have a closet full of diapers and wipes. The nursery is so close to being done I can barely contain my excitement. We have our home set-up for life immediately after baby’s birth. (Context: We have a two-story house, and we all know I won’t be climbing those stairs immediately postpartum. Therefore, we’ve set up the downstairs guest bedroom to house our little family until I’m healed enough to make the trips up and down.) Our to-do list is getting shorter, and I’m hoping to knock out the last few things before the end of July.
  2. Arrange for Baby Lawrence’s Life: Haha, I didn’t know how else to put this. We need to find a pediatrician, put our names on a list for a local daycare, etc. Since our birth prep class, we’re feeling very ready to bring baby into the world, but we want to make sure we have all the particulars set.
  3. Preload Blog Posts for August and September: There are so many projects that are teed up to be blog posts that I just need to write. This way you continue to get crafty content while I’m soaking up all the love of our little one.
  4. Prep for Maternity Leave from Work: I have about six weeks left at work, and I’ve been diligently preparing for my nearly 5-month long absence. The trick is I’m a one-man show, fulfilling a unique and highly specialized role. The past few weeks, I’ve documented everything I do and next on my list is to prep as much material for my team as possible.
  5. Relaunching My Side Hustle’s Content: Why wouldn’t I add more to my plate with a baby on the way? I must be insane. Regardless, my dream is to eventually relaunch my virtual administrative assistant business Jen Lawrence Admin Services full time. However, I’ve added in material to include professional development and workplace resource articles. A number of these articles already exist but are floating around on the internet in different locations, so I’m editing and republishing them under my business headline. Articles will begin publishing in August, so if you’re interesting, you can follow along here or sign up for the newsletter to receive batched content.
  6. Speaking of newsletters… Launch Lawrence Made Newsletter: Did you know that I post at least three new craft/DIY project a month and a bunch of additional content, plus an Etsy Shop? It can be a lot to keep up with, especially with social media becoming saturated, and I’d like to keep in touch with you. (How salesy did that sound?!) To start, every two months I’m sending out a newsletter to summarize what has popped up, with plans to increase the frequency. Also, if you sign up for the newsletter, I’ll let you know about exclusive giveaways just for my subscribers. Interested? Sign up here.
  7. Relax and Enjoy This Time: Despite everything listed above, I’ve been good about finding time to physically relax and enjoy the final weeks of pregnancy. Hubs and I have been finding ways to spend quality time together by unplugging and focusing on each other. I’m also eliminating things from my life that cause me stress. Yes, we sing Let It Go a lot. Hahaha. It’s remarkably refreshing and allows me to concentrate my energy on what really matters.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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