Pregnancy – Week 34

Week… 34

Baby is the size of… a Pineapple

Highlight of the Week… Surprise! My coworkers threw me the most incredible baby shower. I was totally overwhelmed by the love Baby Lawrence is going to be surrounded with. The party turned into a parent support group where everyone shared their best parenting stories from weird things their kids have done to annoying parts of parenthood. I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time! It was perfection!

Frustration of the Week… The humidity of our storm season has been wreaking havoc on my body. Not only is the weather particularly draining, the inflammation of my joints is not helping my body adjust to baby’s increasing weight gain. I’ve been doing my best to stay cool, hydrated, and moving despite my body’s every inclination to be a couch potato.

Eating a lot of… Homemade tuna sandwiches and California Cuties.

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… Hubs continues to be the best support I could ever want or ask for – offering up back or foot rubs when he sees me struggling, carrying anything and everything so I don’t strain myself, and providing all the support he can as he watches me struggle with baby’s growth impact on my ability to move around.

A Tidbit… If I’ve learned anything this week, it’s that pregnancy brain is real. It’s like being a walking real-life version of Dory. I frequently forget what I was doing mid-walk to another room or talking about mid-conversation. And don’t even think about trying to play trivia games with me right now. I honest to goodness forgot Carrie Fisher’s name the other day, which is basically a sin in my household.

And bonus! 

A coworker has been joking with me that my growing baby bump reminds them of the Grinch. So, for their enjoyment at my baby shower this week, I decided to model and then compare. Here, for your laughs, is the side-by-side. You’re welcome.


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