Baby on Board Baby Shower

There’s a great challenge that comes with planning a gender neutral baby shower. The baby market doesn’t necessarily lend itself to those who are undeclared and therefore, you have to get creative with the theme and create your own decor.

Let me tell you – my friends delivered!

Early in the baby shower planning, we decided the perfect theme for this ocean loving family was “Baby on Board”. Yes, we mean the surfboard! From there my friends ran with the idea and brought together a fun, tropical celebration of Baby Lawrence.

By sheer coincidence, we happened to have rain showers on my shower date, which created a humid, sprinkly day akin to what you have in Hawaii. If rain on your wedding day is considered good luck, is it the same for your baby shower? I like to think so! To add the cherry on top, we celebrated bringing a new baby on board on International Surfing Day. All meant to be!

Are you ready for all the cuteness? Check this out.



First, who could resist these adorable invitations?! You can get them on Etsy from Pics & Paper.

Guests were greeted with a tropical gift table and diaper raffle drop-off in our front room. Oddly enough, the pineapple tablecloth fit right in with the coastal vibe of our house.

Diaper Raffle: This is an increasingly popular element of baby showers. Guests who bring a pack of diapers are entered to win a raffle prize.

Pst… Pics & Paper has matching raffle printables for this!

Love, love, love this banner! Not only does it bring the baby theme front and center, but my friend left all the hanging items (and more!) after the party for our baby! So smart!

Guests were also greeted with this giant and beautifully done diaper cake… with a little surprise in the middle! Adding a little shape, stability, and size to the cake as a bottle of Martinelli’s.

The kitchen had a tropical kick with bright colors from party supplies and vibrant flowers. Bonus, the flowers smelled amazing!

The fooooood! We had a delicious display of fruits and veggies that brought so much color and sweet flavor to the day. But that’s not all…

Pasta salad and teriyaki meatballs! I felt like we were in Hawaii. The food selection was perfectly on-theme.

We had two other activities at the shower: Guess the Baby Food and Diaper Messages.

Guess the Baby Food: This is always a fun game! Each jar has the label covered or removed and guests have to use their best Top Chef tasting skills to determine what is in the jar.

Diaper Messages for Mom & Dad: Guests write motivational messages for mom and dad to read during those oh-so-fun diaper changes. This activities always yields truly hilarious designs and messages!

We couldn’t pass up having our Jax in on the fun. How cute is this bandana from Amazon? Jax was proudly strutting around the party in style and gladly cuddling with anyone willing to give him scratches and attention. (We’re pretty sure he thought the party was for him.)

The tropical flavor carried throughout the house with more diaper cakes and more flowers. The flowers were everywhere! So beautiful and colorful.

Last but certainly not least, every good party needs a quality favor. Sunscreen and water not only fit the theme but are definitely useful in the hot Arizona sun.


We could not have asked for a better baby shower. We have so much love and gratitude for all the wonderful people in our lives. Now that all the baby stuff has arrived, we feel as prepared as ever for our little bundle to join our family. So excited for all the adventures to come!

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