Best of July

July was a crazy busy month for our household! We’ve been wrapping up projects and getting our lives ready for Baby Lawrence to arrive. When I say “getting our lives ready,” I mean, the car seat is installed, diaper stations organized, and the guest room is set up for post-partum recovery. The last thing on our list is stocking our freezer with premade meals. Have a favorite recipe? Let me know!

Let’s take a look back at the fun stuff from July!

BestOfDivider CraftandDIY


Cricut + Screen Printing = Magic!
I couldn’t believe how easy it was to create these adorable onesies using a screen printing kit and vinyl designs cut from my Cricut. You have to check this out!

BestOfDivider Weekly 7


As if awaiting our little bundle of joy wasn’t enough to occupy my time, I have quite a few other things taking up my headspace and energy as well. Did you know I have another blog, plus a day job? Oh, yes. Here is the insanity that is my life.

BestOfDivider Gettin Personal


We are getting so close to meeting our little one! Week 34 held a wonderful surprise and a hilarious photo. Did you catch it?

BestOfDivider Shop

Lawrence Made Daria I Hate Everybody Cross Stitch Pattern

Finally, finally, finally, all my cross stitch patterns have been rebranded and updated.
Check out my Etsy shop to get your stitch on!

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Thank you for reading and sharing this journey with me!

xoxo, Jen

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