7 Valued Halloween Traditions

Being a lover of history, I’m a huge fan of traditions – especially holiday traditions. Whether your traditions are celebrated solo or with your family, it’s nice when we do something fun and festive from year to year.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. The spooky decorations and all the jack-o-lanterns! Fall is finally in the air, and Halloween is the true start to the holiday season.

Over the years, we’ve created a few traditions to keep the spooktacular enjoyment rolling. Here are seven of our Halloween traditions:

  1. Halloween Spellbook Scrapbook: I’m terrible at scrapbooking but when it comes to Halloween, I’ll make an exception – especially when the book doubles as decor. Check out how to make your own here.
  2. Pumpkin Carving: My favorite holiday activity – EVER! I start planning my pumpkins in August and I start scoping out the best places to buy pumpkins when they appear in September. I can’t wait to dig in this year, but in the meantime, check out my Pumpkin Carving Gallery.
  3. 13 Days of Halloween Countdown: Who doesn’t love a good countdown?! I created this modular countdown years ago and still use it every year. You can make one for your family by following this tutorial.
  4. Halloween Movies: Raise your hand if you have a ridiculously large Halloween movie collection! I don’t rely on Netflix or Hulu to come through for me on seasonal entertainment. No, no. I buy the movies that I love to watch every year – Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Addams Family. You can check out my seven favorite films here.
  5. Spooky Crafts: Naturally, we dream up crafty goodness every year. (Just wait until you see what I have in store for you this year!) Have you seen my favorite Halloween projects? You can also see all past projects in the archives.
  6. Haunted Outings: We love community events for the holidays and try to get to at least one a season. In the past, we’ve gone to festivals and ghost tours. This year, we’re visiting a local pumpkin patch and attending a trunk-or-treat with friends.
  7. Halloween Tree: This tradition started by accident a few years ago and has become a permanent fixture in our decor. However, this year, we’re upping our game and you will not want to miss it! Hint: If you’re a Disney fan, you’re going to LOVE it!

What traditions do you and your family have for Halloween?

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