Pumpkin Carving 2018

Avengers Assemble!

For our little pumpkin’s first Halloween, we chose the easy route for Cameron’s costume and bought an outfit on sale from Disney. I’ve always loved their body suit costumes for babies – they are just so cute!

Enter Captain America – saving the world… until naptime.

We used Cam’s costume to guide our pumpkin carving selection. As always, I started with the patterns at Zombie Pumpkins. Every year I use their patterns and they never let me down!

But this year, I made a mistake like I’ve never made before. Keep reading to find out about my total facepalm moment.

To assemble our team of Avengers, we chose some of our favorite characters: Captain America (of course), Baby Groot, and Iron Man. The S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem was a must. And for fun and cheese factor, I picked a Baby’s First Halloween pattern. I couldn’t help myself.

We set to work and completed the pumpkins over two days. I carved Cameron’s baby pumpkin first, wanting it to be ready for whenever we’d do pictures. The rest we did over a Saturday – and surprisingly fast! I think we’re getting pretty good at this!

My pumpkin carving toolbox has expanded over the years but still has the essentials.

It’s like an intense game of connect the dots!

Isn’t he the cutest little audience? We recently bought him a Bumbo, and he loves sitting it watching us do things. It’s one of our favorite purchases for him thus far because it allows him to be involved, hands-free, and work on his neck and back strength. Plus! As we learned when we got it home, everything fits within the seat. The tray stores on the back. The newborn booster stores inside the seat. The chair straps are attached to the side. Amazing! Bonus points all around!

Anyways, back to carving…

Check out my sweet Black Widow nail decal. Always have to be on-theme.

Okay… so this is where things started to go awry.

I picked Baby Groot as a “if I have time” carving. Turns out I did have time after blasting through the Baby’s First Pumpkin and Captain America. So I set to work.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take enough time off and my hands were really starting to hurt by the end.

So here I am… sawing away.

Aw, cute little Groot. Such an adorable expression. On his face.

Look closely at the carving below.

And now look at this picture.

What’s missing?



Here’s what happened.

I was carving away, super excited to be almost done, and as I completed cutting the head shape, I pushed it into the pumpkin to release the piece. And apparently, an eye went with it! I didn’t even notice – that’s how worn out I was. I finally noticed when taking pictures.

Guys – I’ve neeeever lost a piece of a design. Especially not an IMPORTANT one. I mean, what is Baby Groot without his cute big eyes?!

I was so disappointed and then laughed really hard because… well, Groot had one eye. Then I had to make the decision to cut the other eye off. It’s like Groot was a patient on the show “Botched”. Oops! Sorry, little guy.

Anyways, it is what it is. No eye-balled Groot fit right in with the rest of his team.

And just for your enjoyment, here is Cameron posing with this Avengers.

Take One… Saturday evening.

Take Two… Sunday morning.

(He’s a morning person… obviously.)

Another pumpkin carving season behind us. Sigh… until next year…

Check out the rest of my carving creations in the Pumpkin Carving Gallery.

Wishing you the happiest of Halloweens!

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