Dead and Breakfast Halloween Tour

Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Lawrence Dead & Breakfast.

In an effort to control the amount of decorations we purchase for Halloween, as well as ensure cohesiveness, we decided to pick a theme for our house. Without it, I would probably buy or make every silly, cute, spooky Halloween thing on the planet. Instead, we forced ourselves to narrow it down. The intention is to build up on the decor every year, staying within the aesthetic of the original theme. This helps guide what projects I do too! So, after scouring magazines and Pinterest, we ultimately found our inspiration from this Better Homes & Gardens article. And the Lawrence Dead & Breakfast was born.

Of course, being us, we also have a bit of Disney thrown into the mix. I mean, really, we can’t help ourselves. We’re a Disney family.

So, come on it. Take a look around.

Our Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Jack Skellington Statue: Jim Shore

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Jack and Salley: The Disney Store

The most zen person in the house.

Yoga Skeleton: Michaels Stores

Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts!

Hitchhiking Ghosts Statue: Jim Shore

Happy Halloween Print: Rad & Happy

Happy Halloween Banner: Martha Stewart

Halloween Mickey and Minnie Mouse: The Disney Store

Haunted House Cross Stitch: Clouds Factory

Our mantel is so spoooky!

DIY Happy Halloween Sign

Who remembers these letter blocks? I made these YEARS ago and they’ve held up over the years.

Things are a little witchy in the kitchen.

Witch Statue: Jim Shore

(I’m a fan, can you tell?)


What’s a Dead & Breakfast without room keys? Get the tutorial here.


Do Not Disturb the guests. They are sleeping like the dead.

Get the free printable here.


And last but certainly not least, our fabulous Dead & Breakfast sign.

We hope you enjoyed your visit. I’m already full of ideas to add to the theme next year. Until then…

Happy Haunting!

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