Jolly Holiday Decorations

As much as I enjoy doing the big themes, the smaller “character” years are a welcome break from crazy holiday crafting. A year ago, after we found out I was pregnant, we knew the perfect theme would be simply Santa. With a little one joining the family, we couldn’t imagine doing any other character. Thankfully, we also made this decision while digging through the post-Christmas clearance bins at Target, so the Santa theme was also going to be wildly inexpensive. How convenient!

Being our first year in the new house also added a special layer of fun. We got to experiment with placing and styling our decor throughout the house, which makes everything feel brand new.

Of course, there were brand new items – like our 10 ft Christmas tree, which felt massive when we first put it up but now feels like the perfect fit. Also new is our DIY Ho Ho Ho Sign over the fireplace. I still can’t believe how easy these signs are to make and am already dreaming up other ones. How do we feel about a St. Patrick’s Day sign?!

One of my favorite things I found in a decorations box was this greeting card. I had completely forgotten about it! We purchased it in an art gallery at the Hotel del Coronado when we visited for Skating by the Sea last year. There were big canvas versions that I wish so-very-much that we had the money to purchase, but thank goodness for the postcard versions of artwork. I’m still searching for the perfect frame but I’m glad to have a piece of San Diego and a cool Santa image as part of our forever decor.

I finally have space for the hot chocolate station I’ve always wanted. I cannot overstate how much we drink hot chocolate during the cold months and how inconvenient digging through our cabinets truly becomes after a few weeks. This entire set up cost less than $20 at IKEA and is oh-so stylish. Maybe next year I’ll add some printable tags… hmmm.

Does this little guy look familiar? The 4 ft tree from our apartment found a new purpose in our current home. In the future, this will become the Kid Tree that can be decorated however the kids so choose. However, until that day, it will live as my husband’s tree. Oh yes, my husband wanted to decorate his own tree. Haha! This year, he chose to do a Disney tree and I must say, it is quite beautiful. As he was decorating, he realized we’re accumulating quite a few Star Wars ornaments and he may narrow the theme next year. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion on that!

Naturally, as with most character theme years, Santa found himself all over the house, from ornaments to gift wrap. (Did you happen to catch the free printable Santa gift tags?) It was nice to see his jolly little face all over the house amongst decorations focused of red and white. The perfect first Christmas for our own jolly little guy too!

We’ve already started plotting planning for next year’s Christmas theme. Let’s just say, there’s going to be a lot of plaid…

Any guesses?

Until then, we wish you a very joyous holiday and a happy new year!

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