Pregnancy #2 – Week 16

Baby is the size of… a dill pickle, Philippine tarsier, action figure, or poire belle helen

Highlight of the Week… Getting maternity exercise and lounge clothing from Old Navy. I kept all my maternity clothes from last round but it was mostly work clothing. Nice to have comfy things to wear!

Frustration of the Week… Sleep problems are slowly coming back. A dash of insomnia. Never feeling comfortable. Having to pee all the time. It’s my least favorite part of pregnancy.

Cute thing the boys did… Jax is getting protective over my growing belly, insisting on laying on or near it so no one can come near. He’s not being aggressive – just putting his body between me and anyone but Cameron.

Curiosities… My c-section scar was super itchy on Harry Potter’s Birthday. So either Voldemort was nearby or my belly is starting to stretch.

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