Pregnancy #2 – Week 17

Baby is the size of… a tangy pomegranate, chipmunk, game console controller, creme brulee

Highlight of the Week… Getting time to relax and finally enjoying being pregnant a little. I’ve never been much of a fan, but with many of the less fun symptoms lifting, it’s nice to turn my attention to my growing belly.

Frustration of the Week… Ugh – getting sick! I got a really bad stomach bug earlier this week, which was brutal being pregnant. Also, thank goodness I haven’t had persistent morning sickness. I would be the most pathetic, needy pregnant lady on the planet!

Cute thing the boys did… Cameron loves to lay his head on top of my belly. My guess is he’s just happy to have a big pillow nearby, but I’m choosing to believe he is cuddling with his new sibling. Haha!

Curiosities… It was around this time I felt Cam flutters, but with a bigger belly this time around, I haven’t gotten any fun movements yet. I’m so impatient for them!

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