Pregnancy #2 – Week 25

Baby is the size of… a napa cabbage, prairie dog, baseball glove, fougasse

Highlight of the Week… Baby and I took an adventure to San Diego this weekend for a conference and had a blast dancing to all the music. Baby kicked and punched like crazy to the fun music and was a fun topic of conversation amongst all the women I met this week.

Frustration of the Week… Recovery time from being active is so much longer when I’m pregnant. I got home on Sunday evening and it’s now Tuesday… and I feel like I’ve been hit by a train still. Plus I’ve gotten a nasty bit of sinus mess from my travels. Unfortunately, that also means I can’t take an Advil Cold and Sinus and I get super frustrated trying to carefully pair together all the stuff I can take and do to get some relief.

Cute thing the boys did… All the boys missed the baby and me this weekend. Jax actually cuddled my belly a good portion of the first night back and Cameron has given it a few hugs. Glad the baby is already fitting in.

Curiosities… The biggest difference between Cameron and this baby is… this baby likes to party! If I was up walking around during the day, Cam was lulled to sleep. This baby wants to be apart of everything I’m doing – from walking around, working, and dancing. It’s like having a partner in crime while pregnant.

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