Pregnancy #2 – Week 29

Baby is the size of… a Hawaiian pineapple, cottontail rabbit, Barbie convertible, couronne bread

Highlight of the Week… Halloween is so fun with a baby in the belly! Baby and I got to be The Great Plumpkin with our Linus and Charlie Brown in tow and people loved it! Thankfully our trick-or-treating route was pretty short because the pregnancy waddle started to come into play as well. Hahaha!

Frustration of the Week… No real frustrations this week because the medication is doing its work and we suddenly remembered the giant box of Breathe Right Nasal Strips from last year. Huge saving grace!

Cute thing the boys did… Cameron got to feel the baby kick for the first time. Unfortunately, it was a spontaneous moment and we didn’t get it on camera, but you better believe we keep trying. He’s fascinated by my belly now – constantly lifting my shirt to see it and then lowering it super fast to hide it.

Curiosities… Sadly the week of Halloween is also the week we discovered that sugar massively triggers my heartburn. The universe has a super rude sense of humor.

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