Pregnancy #2 – Week 28

Baby is the size of… a tropical coconut, echidna, rollerblade, charlotte royale

Highlight of the Week… I passed my one-hour glucose test and officially scheduled my c-section. Getting those milestones behind me is a pretty big relief and now it feels like we can start planning for Baby’s arrival.

For those who may be wondering, my doctor and I agreed a scheduled c-section is the best option for this baby. Attempting to do a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian) is incredibly dangerous with the births so close together. If I were to try to labor, I run a high risk of uterine rupture and no one wants that. So – a c-section it is! The earliest we can preschedule (for insurance purposes) is 39 weeks. If Baby decides it wants an earlier birthday, I will head straight to the hospital for surgery – no laboring will be allowed. (This was one of my biggest questions because this baby seems very opinionated!)

Frustration of the Week… Sinuses, allergies, heartburn, oh my! I’ve been put THROUGH it this week and it’s been a struggle. Thankfully, I talked to my doctor about the medications I’m taking and if overlapping them will harm the baby (it won’t). I live in fear of overmedicating so I wanted to be sure. Now it’s just to get through this nastiness.

Cute thing the boys did… While shopping at Joann for Halloween costume supplies, Cam kept leaning forward to hug my belly. Having it at eye level definitely had a sweet effect – he couldn’t get enough of it! Gently patting it, resting his head on it, hugging it. Totally the sweetest.

Curiosities… This past week, I had my first small dose of light contractions – which is strangely early. The contractions were at the front of my belly, not through my back and sides like the Braxton Hicks were with Cam. My doctor seemed unconcerned about them but naturally, I was like, “This is weeeird!” We’re definitely keeping an eye on them and tracking if they happen more frequently.

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