Pregnancy #2 – Week 31

Baby is the size of… romaine lettuce, small clawed otter, a foam finger, 3 chocolate croissants, fanny pack

Highlight of the Week… We have a surgery date and time, which feels sooo official. I could feel the excitement in our families too as we start to make soft plans around the baby coming.

Speaking of, we were also gifted a double-stroller and talk about making it OFFICIAL! We both had a moment of “Whoa… there are going to be two!” Haha!

Even better this week, my doctor upped my dosage of heart burn/acid reflux medication and I am feeling infinitely better. I can even lay on my side at night without wanting to die.

Frustration of the Week… Baby is streeeeetching my belly and getting on my last nerve ligament this week. Baby has settled in pretty low and is consistently pressing on my inside hip ligaments on both sides. I’m constantly having to stretch and do fun yoga poses to inspire repositioning but as you can imagine, this isn’t super convenient when Baby does it in the middle of the night.

Cute thing the boys did… Hubs kicked “Manage Jen’s Discomfort” mode into overdrive this week and he’s absolutely knocking it out of the park. It’s phenomenal to have an amazing partner who is hyper-receptive to my needs during this time.

Curiosities… Cam is starting to get jealous of not being included in the belly photos… so I present to you… Baby 1 and Baby 2 in one shot!

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