Pregnancy #2 – Week 30

Baby is the size of… a summer cantaloupe, platypus, helmet, brie en croute

Highlight of the Week… Having a a surgery date has put a lot of wheels in motion. I finally felt comfortable putting together a birth/post-natal plan (Plan A and B) and getting a few items we need for baby 2 – including a car seat. We’ll use the new car seat as a spare for Cam for right now but we’ll need it once baby grows out of their infant seat, so why not get it now?

Frustration of the Week… The flu swept through our house last week and unfortunately, I got hit with a less severe version of it (fever and exhaustion) – only to get a small bout of food poisoning a few days later. My body is still recovering during a time of tremendous growth for baby so physically, it’s been a rough week.

Cute thing the boys did… Baby is finally to the rolling stage and Jax is NOT a fan. He tolerates the random kicks, but gets totally weirded out about big movements from the baby. Hubs, on the other hand, loves it because he can finally see and feel the weird movements inside me.

Curiosities… I know Baby 2 preparations are usually a bit more relaxed but it struck us as hilarious that we’re both very blasé about it. Knowing that we have all the newborn stuff readily available in the house, we’ve been completely ignoring the prep. I should probably start pulling out the newborn clothes and wash the linens. Oh… and look up how to swaddle a baby again (amazing that I’ve forgotten that so quickly!) Hahaha!

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