Things That Make Me Go “No”

What is an irrational fear you have?


Plain and simple. All of them. Full no.

It doesn’t feel like this one needs much explanation, but clowns are creepy. The face paint. The hair. The weird clothes. Mostly, it’s the painted on smiles or sad faces that are common amongst clowns that does it. Why the face? You have a face. You don’t need to construct a creepy face.

I generally feel this way about masks though as well. Full face masks that are common at Halloween really don’t sit well with me. So much so, that I avoid the costuming parts of stores during the season because I’m afraid one will come to life and move. Definition of irrational.

I blame it on my active imagination. No clowns. No masks.

And before anyone gets any wild ideas, during a “fight or flight” response… my reaction is always fight. You’ve been warned.

One thought

  1. Nothing irrational about it!!! I do not like them either…at all. I’m with you there. I want to know face to face (real face) who I’m seeing and talking to. And don’t go near my kids!!

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