Any Job in the World

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

You know, my job, I think, is pretty great. However, there’s another job I would want.

I’d want to be a character handler at a Disney Park.

Hear me out…

  • You get to work in the park, which is…awesome.
  • You get to be up close to those magical moments when a person is either absolutely overwhelmed with happiness or fear over their favorite character.
  • You have to pretend that the character is real. Imagine having to talk to a giant Tigger like he’s not just a character in a book or movie but a real living being. You get to be part of the magic, part of the show…
  • And you get to be part of the show without having to pose with strangers or wear the super effing hot costume.
  • Finally, you get to usher the character from location to location like bodyguard. Yes!

Honestly, this sounds like an amazing job.

What job would you have?

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