Oh, the Places I’d Go

I’ve never been one to make lengthy lists of where I’d like to visit, probably because I’ve never been a big travel person. I’m not travel adverse, by any means. It’s just not something I’ve prioritized in my budget. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every trip I’ve taken, but I don’t get restless when I haven’t traveled and I don’t have any level of wanderlust in me.

Now, that being said, I’ve been some pretty cool places – backpacking through Europe being a notable trip. And there are a number of places I do want to visit…

  1. Charleston, SC (going this fall!)
  2. Maine – I want to go during the fall to see all the beautiful leaves change
  3. Boston, MA – all the history!
  4. France – again, because it’s lovely and I’ve been practicing my French
  5. The Caribbean – so I can pretend to be a pirate
  6. Ireland – again, but this time make my way out to all the scenic locations
  7. Portugal – just to see Nazaré in person (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up! It’s crazy! )
  8. All the Disney Parks – no one should be surprised by this. I’ve been to Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and a very brief trip to Walt Disney World, but I’d love to see them all again

What’s at the top of your travel list?

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