Pregnancy – Week 33

Week… 33

Baby is the size of… a Honeydew Melon

Highlight of the Week… Seeing baby! We had a growth check appointment this week with an ultrasound. Our ultrasound was extra exciting because the office had a brand-new machine installed that morning. What should have been a 15-20 minute appointment to peek in on baby’s development was closer to an hour as the specialist taught the technician all the bells and whistles of the machine. I wish we could have taken videos or pictures of what popped up on the screen. Everything was remarkably clear! I mean, not only could we see the heart, we could see each minute movement of the chambers and the blood flowing through. When we scanned over the brain, every wrinkle and vein was visible. We were blown away!

However, baby was not feeling quite as photogenic as we had hoped. Instead of posing nicely for Mom and Dad, baby was grasping onto its feet and rolling back and forth. For the yogis out there, you know this is called happy baby pose.  So… we weren’t really thaaat upset.

Frustration of the Week… Finding comfortable sleeping positions for my rapidly changing body. I was warned that the 30 weeks were the toughest and my friends were very right. I can feel weight-gain every couple of days from the increasing discomfort in my hips to randomly losing my balance. And also… when did my belly get so big? And where did my feet go?! All these changes are part of developing a healthy baby but also mean that sleep has become a challenge. For now, we’ve moved to the living room couch, and I’m taking it one day at a time.

Eating a lot of… Taquitos and fruit. As much as I would love to be the woman who is craving ridiculous foods, my eating habits aren’t far from what I normally eat. But… I am a bit more permissive with “bad” foods. Overall though, lots of fruits and veggies… and then a plate of taquitos.

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… Last weekend, I had my hardest pregnancy night thus far. Every discomfort I’ve experienced during my pregnancy came together for a one night show of misery. In my frustration of not being able to sleep, I moved from the bedroom to the living room couch at midnight and shortly after, heard the pitter patter of feet coming down the stairs. There appeared my husband with his arms full of pillows and our dog’s favorite blanket, ready to join me. My hubs and dog have been camped out on the couch with me ever since so I won’t have to sleep alone. Truly, the best.

A Tidbit… My belly is now big enough that the motion sensors on my work’s restroom sink pick it up before I even get my hands near the faucet. Haha!

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