Thanksgiving Dinner Meal Planner

Thanksgiving is coming! Thanksgiving is coming!

Are you ready? Not yet? Well, you will be soon!

Plan your menu in a jiffy using this printable Thanksgiving meal planner. Set your courses and make the shopping list all in one place. I’ve used this from year-to-year and it has never failed me!

Click the links below to download the printable.

Lawrence Made Thanksgiving Meal Planner

Just a tip with menu planning…

Don’t forget to mark down quantities!

I’ve made this silly mistake in the past. If you need a “can” of something, be sure to note if it’s an 8oz or 15oz can. Seriously. Haha!


Get your printables here:

Thanksgiving Dinner Meal Planner (JPEG)
Thanksgiving Dinner Meal Planner (PDF)

While you’re at it, you may want to download the matching Thanksgiving Menu Board and Cooking Planner. Then you’ll be all set for the holiday! Gobble gobble!

Happy Feasting!

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Lawrence Made Thanksgiving Meal Planner

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