Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Board

Now that you have your meal perfectly planned, why not advertise it?!

Psst, plus it’ll cut down on the number of times you’ll get asked what you’re having!

Displaying the menu always makes the dinner feel a little fancier to me too. Today, Chef Jen is preparing…

You can print your own menu board by clicking the links below. Bonus! There are two versions to suit your fancy.

Lawrence Made Thanksgiving Menu Board

To make my menu board usable from year to year (or accommodate last-minute changes), I like to frame it and fill it out with a dry erase marker. Maybe dress the frame up with a few fake leaves. Just trying to keep it festive.

Honestly, I got this frame from the “As-Is” section at Michaels years ago for $2.00, and the leaves actually cover up some big scratches. Haha! But hey, it’s usable!


Want something a little sassier? I feel you. There’s also an option with an orange scalloped border.


Either version will look beautiful hung on the fridge as well. For best results, I recommend printing on cardstock or index paper.

Get your printables here:

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Board with Borders (JPEG)
Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Board with Borders (PDF)

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Board without Borders (JPEG)
Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Board without Borders (PDF)

While you’re at it, you may want to download the matching Thanksgiving Menu Planner and Cooking Planner. Then you’ll be all set for the holiday! Gobble gobble!

Happy Feasting!

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Lawrence Made Thanksgiving Menu Board

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