DIY Thankful Thanksgiving Sign

‘Tis the season to be thankful! When I made the new Halloween sign for over our fireplace, I knew I wanted to make one for Thanksgiving as well. I used the same technique but instead, I wanted to go for a raw, minimalist design.

A simple Cricut design and some spray paint brought this sign to life. Don’t have a Cricut? Don’t worry! You can easily make this sign using templates from a craft store (or ones you make yourself!) or large stickers.

This project cost me less than $20 and only took 30 minutes. Yes! You read that right. Looking for a quick, last-minute project for Thanksgiving? This is the one for you!

Follow the tutorial below and you’ll be done in no time.

Lawrence Made Thankful Sign


  • (5) .25in x 5.5in x 2ft Hobby Boards (used: Walnut, Home Depot)
  • (2) .25in x 1.5in x 2ft Hobby Board (used: Walnut, Home Depot)
  • Wood Glue (used: Elmer’s Wood Glue)
  • Picture Hanging Wire
  • Staple Gun and Staples (used: 3/8″ staples)
  • Paint and Paint Brushes
  • Stencil for Design
  • Masking or Painters Tape

1. Collect your materials and get ready to rumble. If you’d like, prep your wood by sanding. I chose not to sand this project because I wanted the raw, grainy, natural look.

2. Lay out wood boards – face down.

3. Apply a thin line of wood glue along 1.5in support boards and place glue-side down on base boards. They will be a little slippery (wood glue takes a while to dry) so take care not to move them around after placing.

4. Using a staple gun, carefully secure support boards. I recommend starting at the middle of the sign, working your way out to the edges. I used two staples per base board to ensure the sign doesn’t move around. Also, the key is to apply pressure straight down to keep boards from moving while stapling and for a straight staple.

5. Flip it over and ta-da! You’ve made a sign. It’s that easy! I don’t know why people buy completed signs in stores for almost 3x the cost to make one. Also, it only takes about five minutes to make!

6. Cut out and secure stencil with masking or painters tape. As mentioned, I used my Cricut to cut my design – however, stickers or a stencil will do the trick just fine!

7. Using masking tape and painters paper (or whatever you have on hand), frame your stencil, ensuring you cover the entire exposed surface to protect against overspray.

8. Spray that glorious paint on! I love using spray paint because it’s so efficient. Be sure to be in a well-ventilated area (preferably outdoors). I used Rust-Oleum Metallic in Gold (available at Home Depot).

9. Allow to dry and remove stencil.

Note: If you are using acrylic paint, remove when the paint is still mostly wet. Waiting until completely dry may cause the paint to lift or peel.


10. Cut a ~2ft piece of hanging wire. Lay out wire across back of sign (it’s likely curly and squirrely so do your best). Leaving a 3-4in tail, secure the wire to one support boarding using a staple gun. I applied two staggered staples in case one were to fall out or the wire was to unravel. Then, wrap the tail around the wire inward as pictured above. Once complete on one side, pull taut to other support board, staple, and wrap.

All done! Hang, marvel at your greatness, and be grateful!

This felt leaf garland is a super easy project as well! Follow the tutorial here and substitute cutting the felt into shapes of leaves for the lightbulb shape. Great project to do with kids too (supervised, of course!)

I am so pleased with how well this sign turned out. It brings a nice fall feel to our home without being over the top. Just as a Thanksgiving sign should.

Still planning for Thanksgiving? You may want to check out my printable Thanksgiving Meal Planner worksheet to get you ready for the big day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jen LM Sign Off

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