Pregnancy #2 – Week 19

Baby is the size of… a zesty zucchini, four-toed hedgehog, Gameboy, palmier cookie

Highlight of the Week… Baby finally gave me a few powerful kicks! One of my favorite parts of pregnancy is feeling all the little movements. The motion makes everything feel real and is a gentle (and sometimes not) heads up that everything is okay in there. Now I’m super anxious to get more little loves taps!

Frustration of the Week… Heartburn and minor back pain are here and I’m not thrilled. Admittedly, I haven’t been as up on stretching and light exercises this week so that’s factor.

Cute thing the boys did… This week we’ve started pointing to my belly and saying, “Baby.” Cameron has no clue what it means, but I’m hoping he recognizes that my body is changing (getting huge) and the belly means something significant.

Curiosities… Nesting wasn’t a big factor of my first pregnancy but apparently, it is for the second. But my form of nesting comes in the form of purging stuff from my house. It started with cleaning out some notebooks… then some books… then clothes. And it has just kept rolling. It’s almost as if I’m making space for another little human, even though we have plenty of space. It is awfully refreshing though!

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